Single Will

This questionnaire is to be completed if you would like a single will whether you are single or married.

If you are married and would like wills for both spouses it is advisable to complete our spousal questionnaires.

If you are a New Muslim please complete to the New Muslim questionnaire.

The process made simple

Our Wills are drafted based on this comprehensive online form. There may be some questions which do not apply to you but please answer all questions which are relevant to you. This will enable us to draft your Will accurately and tailored to your particular circumstances.

Please note that your Will is designed to be compliant with Islamic Law (Shariah) and is only valid in England and Wales. If you have assets abroad please contact us for further advice.

Please read the accompanying Guidance notes before completing this questionnaire. If you have any queries please contact

Have a query?

Not a problem! Contact us with your query and we will get back to you with advice.

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